Greetings earthlings,

Until a few months ago I thought Turmeric spice only use was to make food taste good,then I came across a face mask tutorial made out of it you could imagine how shocked I was and honestly I thought it was a scam lol trust issues but I tried it anyway and the results were amazing and now i literally tell everyone about it.


  1. acts as a toner and brightens skin
  2. clears acne scars
  3. Acts as a moisturizer
  4. Acts as an exfoliator leaving your skin fresh and clean
  5. its easy and affordable to make

Read more HERE on what elements Turmeric contains that make it healthy for the its uses.

Let us dive right into it ;



1.A tablespoon  2.Three tablespoons of milk  3.A mixing bowl 4.A tablespoon of flour and 5.A tablespoon of Turmeric.

The best part about this face mask is all the ingredients are very affordable and easy to find.You can purchase Turmeric at your local grocery store or market, I  bought mine from Choppies(500g) for only  P7.


Place the turmeric and flour into your mixing bowl and add the milk gradually as you stir,water can be used as a replacement for milk although I prefer to use milk.Mix it until you have a thick paste and you have your face mask.

NOTE: the milk should not be cold as the ingredients will not mix together as well as they should.If it is cold you should warm it for about 20 seconds.



Apply the the mask onto your face I usually use my fingers because they make application very easy you can also use a make up brush,ensure that you place more on the problem areas.leave it on for at least 20 minutes and wash it off with warm water as it tends to get dry and once you have dried your face moisturize it as you would on a normal day and experience the feeling of a fresh clean face.

Note: As it dries your face will begin to feel numb,that is an indicator that it is almost time to wash it off.

Try it out and let me know what you think of it.

Bye for now xxx































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