According to my social studies teacher or was it science? There are four seasons summer, autumn , winter and spring and of course I believed her after all the teacher is always right,right?But then 7 year old me should have known better than to trust her because she didn’t mention rain season or maybe it... Continue Reading →


I have always been convinced that my mum is a thrift queen, visits to her closet are never short of an awesome item that she owes to the thrift world.I like to think her thrifting gene landed on my pile of genes,so if you have been wondering I got it from my mama :).Among her... Continue Reading →


Ankara,Ankara,Ankara it's a timeless Fabric I am convinced that our children's,children will still be rocking it.I will have to admit though it is one of the reasons why I love being African and trust me there is a huge list ,but that's a story for another day. This is a classic example of an accidental... Continue Reading →


Hey guys I hope you are all doing great,apologies for having gone silent on you. Life got really busy but, the plus side of my absence is I got up to some really interesting stuff that I could not wait to share with you.Zambia Fashion Week is at the top of the list.It was three... Continue Reading →

CLEAN LOOKS #collabo series

Hey quirkers I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!Mine has been so lazy, not that I am complaining.I am so excited to share this post with you because it is my very first collaboration with not just one ,but two amazing bloggers,whoop whoop!     I met Yuma and Tapiwa at the Fashion... Continue Reading →


Ola! If you wondering yes that is how far my Spanish vocabulary goes and  yes I would really like to learn more so if you happen to speak Spanish  comment below or message  me on Instagram  and help me widen my Spanish horizons please and  thank you in advance. Okay back to business on Tuesday I... Continue Reading →


  I am sure you must be wondering what a trolley has to do with this blog post! Well it has everything to do with it.One of the perks of being as small as I am is the fact that I can fit into a lot of places and be absolutely comfortable.I am sure all... Continue Reading →

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