Happy new month earthlings , May is my favorite month of the year for several reasons; This quirky human was born on the 9th of may(you can start wrapping my presents) Sweater weather is around the corner Anybody born in may is awesome,no really guys I am not even being bias or am I? Its just... Continue Reading →


According to my social studies teacher or was it science? There are four seasons summer, autumn , winter and spring and of course I believed her after all the teacher is always right,right?But then 7 year old me should have known better than to trust her because she didn’t mention rain season or maybe it... Continue Reading →


Hey quirky humans, Happy new year to all of you.You're probably thinking, "Girl we stopped using that line as a conversation starter ages ago, were have you been?" Well, guys as long as I haven't said it yet, I can get away with saying it this late, don't worry I was not left in 2016... Continue Reading →


HELLO WORLD! It's about that time in every students life where books kind of become their "best frenemy" and hibernation just seems like the only way of life.If you are thinking about exam time,then you are right! Yess guys school has officially been kicking this bloggers behind ,but despite all the stress that comes with... Continue Reading →


Hey quirky humans, I hope you are all having a great November so far!I know I have been a little bit MIA of late .So I thought the best way to catch up was for you guys to get to know what is going on with me and my latest obsessions ,believe it or not... Continue Reading →

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