Happy new month earthlings , May is my favorite month of the year for several reasons; This quirky human was born on the 9th of may(you can start wrapping my presents) Sweater weather is around the corner Anybody born in may is awesome,no really guys I am not even being bias or am I? Its just... Continue Reading →


Hey guys I hope you are all doing great,apologies for having gone silent on you. Life got really busy but, the plus side of my absence is I got up to some really interesting stuff that I could not wait to share with you.Zambia Fashion Week is at the top of the list.It was three... Continue Reading →


Hey world, This past Saturday I got to attend my very first bloggers event.Can we just take a moment to do a happy dance because this is a happy dance worthy moment :),you can twerk if you want too you will not be tuned out ;).   The event is an annual Zambian bloggers meetup... Continue Reading →

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