About a month ago(stops to do the shmoney), Maricko nations a brand owned by designer Maricko Marume launched their clothing line THE DAILY FANTASIES.Like any human who loves to play dress up,I jumped at the opportunity  to style some of their pieces. I got to style the J, a sweater dress that to me feels... Continue Reading →


Happy new month earthlings , May is my favorite month of the year for several reasons; This quirky human was born on the 9th of may(you can start wrapping my presents) Sweater weather is around the corner Anybody born in may is awesome,no really guys I am not even being bias or am I? Its just... Continue Reading →


According to my social studies teacher or was it science? There are four seasons summer, autumn , winter and spring and of course I believed her after all the teacher is always right,right?But then 7 year old me should have known better than to trust her because she didn’t mention rain season or maybe it... Continue Reading →


As a kid,ballerinas were these unreal species that came alive only in fairy tales and story books(yes I was a bookworm).Somehow in my juvenile head I was so convinced that they were a larger version of fairy's and they just had to be cousins lol. To be young and innocent right?but of course I had... Continue Reading →

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