Happy December Quirkers,

You probably read this title and thought to yourself, has Quirky Indeed finally figured out the art of juggling the million things that adulting brings and is finally going to blog more? Well friends do you want the good news or the bad news first???? I promise the bad news is not a break up because even though I basically ghosted you guys this blog is my baby and I will always come back for you always. (sooo mushy lol)

This year I’ve been learning a really hard lesson about balance, first of all I’m clumsy AF so you can imagine how hard this has been. Remember your first pair of heels? It’s impossible for me to forget mine they were red wedges and I was about 6 or 7, at the time walking in them was a mission, but when I finally got a hang of it I never wanted to take them off. 2018 feels like that all over again, it has come with a lot of new territory that I’ve been trying to balance and for the first couple of months I fell face down over and over again, lets blame gravity for that one, shall we?

Fast forward to the 12th month of 2018 and I’m still falling face down lol sorry, no plot twist there. Regardless of how disfigured my face is from all this falling, I think I may have finally cracked the balance code.  Wait for it…… not trying to balance at all, instead im taking it one step at a time and giving each step everything I’ve got. Cliché? I know but accepting the fact that balance = giving everything the exact same amount of time and effort, which is basically perfection and accepting that it’s impossible to attain perfection comes with a lot less anxiety and stress.

Notice how I said less stress and anxiety not zero lol baby steps people. After cracking the code, am I still falling? heck yeah lol only difference  is I’m owning each fall and picking myself right up. Maybe one day I can walk like a boss in my life heels just like 7 year old me. Ironic right?? Adult me wants to be like little me, I guess forward isn’t the ideal way after all.

Speaking of steps, I recently took my Primark blocked heels along with me on a trip to see the newly opened Hilton Garden Inn Lusaka. If you’ve been wondering what it looks like, click play and find out. Do not forget to show your girl some love by Subscribing to my YouTube channel ❤.

What life codes would you say you’ve cracked in 2018? Let me know in the comment section. Be sure to Keep up with me on Instagram and YouTube .

Images by: Severino Joseph

Jumpsuit : Finderskeeperszm
Blocked Heels: Primark
Top: Finderskeeperszm
Beret Finderskeeperszm

Until next time

6 Comments Add yours

  1. bryanmanda says:

    1st I lived for this look head to toe. 2nd you’re totally right when you said “not trying to balance at all, instead im taking it one step at a time and giving each step everything I’ve got”. Here’s to a successful & hopeful 2019


    1. Marian says:

      Thankyou so much Bryan ❤ 2019 here we come 😊


    2. M'shasho says:

      Your outfit is all the balance in the world right now. Great post.


      1. Marian says:

        Super gassed 😂 thankyou


  2. Wenguss Khan says:

    I wish you knew how much I needed to read this 🙏🏾

    Really read it in your voice 😂 it was really witty, keen to see more of your work


    1. Marian says:

      Really I’m so glad you found this helpful. 🙏🏽 In my voice?? 😂😂 thankyou for letting me occupy space in your head.

      Liked by 1 person

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