We are all guilty of putting on earphones and playing loud music to avoid awkward situations. With the volume at 100%, it might as well be a live session, right? And let’s face it, live music sessions don’t come around often. Wait, let me rephrase that: live music sessions that I can actually go to, do not happen often (raise your hand if you can relate). So when I got an invitation to the Vodafone Music Live Session, which was an exclusive first listen of Chanda Mbao and Kaladoshas‘ soon to be released albums, I immediately started unpacking my dancing shoes.



Held at the fabulous Radisson Blu Hotel on a Saturday evening, the show was kicked off by an intimate performance of Kaladoshas’ most sang hits. Every once in a while he would talk to the audience and let us in on the back stories to some of his songs. I don’t know if I should be sharing this but the cutest one was when he talked about how, once upon a time, he wasn’t so well off financially and couldn’t afford to get his girlfriend a Valentine’s Day gift so he sang her a song instead. Doesn’t he deserve the boyfriend of the year award?


As Kaladoshas exited the stage, Chanda Mbao got on and started us off with a joke that left everyone in stitches and that was it, turn up mode was activated! Joining him on stage was Scott whose voice is absolute voice goooooals!!!!! Together the duo had the audience singing and dancing along to what I think was the song of the night, “Wave”. I literally abandoned my plate of food and joined in the hype, lol.

IMG_8952IMG_8916After the show I got a chance to interview Chanda Mbao, and we probably need a do over because we just couldn’t stop talking.For the full scoop on that, click play

Is your FOMO shooting up yet? You can download the Vodafone Music app HERE, and find both Kaladoshas and Chanda Mbao’s tracks along with all your favourite local and international artists.

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Until next time

Ciao xoxo

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