About a year ago my baby quirky Indeed was born,at the time one of my biggest fears was if I was capable of coming up with content to keep the blog running for a long period.This made me want to cut my losses and shut it down immediately,but I am so glad I did not because one year later my baby is still alive.She may not be potty trained yet but she is still alive lol…..perspective people!

Tote Bag: Sisters Closet



I like to think that I am a very experimental person especially in terms of my style and hair.So whenever I see or read something,I definitely want to try it immediately.My first thought is “OMG if I did not know about this, how many other people out there are as clueless as past me.”That in itself  is always a reason to post it to my blog,who better to share something than someone who actually experienced it first hand.

Sunglasses :Thrifted




Raise your hand if when you read this sub heading you thought,”oh boy here comes a long list of books.” As much as I am a lover of books, time does not always allow me to delve into a book as often as I would want to and that is where articles and other blogs come in.Articles are always summarised and topic specific making it easier to read a significant number on different topics in a short period of time.I have also made it a habit to visit different blogs and check out what they are posting about and how they write out their blog posts,this tends to keep me on my toes.I must stress that this should only serve as inspiration and not take away from your originality.


Top: Zara


My top 3 sites for inspiration are Pinterest,Instagram and Tumblr in no particular order.When ever I experience writers block I go on those sites and by the time I am half way in I have tons of blog post ideas.I usually write these ideas down as they come because my mind tends to shift and if I did not write it down my concepts tend to go with this shifting mind.It is amazing how the internet makes the world seem so small by being able to connect you with creatives who may be on another continent.


Jeans :Thrifted



A few weeks ago I put up a post on my Facebook asking my followers what they would like to see on my blog.The feedback gave me an idea of what direction to take in terms of user friendly content.As much as I may want to write about topics that I like,my readers matter too and what they want to see should matter to me too.At the end of the day I am building a relationship with all of them and this requires listening to them and answering their questions.



Making my blog niche something that I am passionate about is one of the biggest reasons why I am able to keep creating posts.Reading articles or watching videos on fashion trends and hair hacks is never work for me it is something that I would do for 24 hours if I could.Ideas are generated through this whether I like it or not.

My failed attempt to spray my hair yellow lol


I do not mean taking a walk literally,but a change of environment does ones mind a lot of good.Visiting places that are not in my usual daily routine like art galleries always get my creative juices flowing.It is not just about the art but also the people I meet there who initiate mind provoking conversations that make me look at things from more than just one angle.This often leads to me getting home and having so much to write about.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post,would you like me to write more posts like this?let me know in the comment section. Follow me on Instagram and  Facebook to keep up with me.

Until Next Time

Ciao xox


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  1. Lovely. Thanks for the somewhat tips lol.

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    1. Marian says:

      you are welcome I hope you found them helpful ❤

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  2. This is simply cute😍


    1. Marian says:

      Thank you gorgeous 😘


  3. candacee96 says:

    great dear….


    1. Marian says:

      Glad you like it 😘


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