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Hey quirky humans,

I hope you are all having an amazing month,I must say April has been such an event filled month for quirky indeed. If you follow me on facebook and Instagram which you probably should if you are not following me already,I have been sharing snippets from my events thus far and finally here are the details.

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The first event I was invited for was the HEALTH,WELLNESS & GREEN LIVING MARKET which took place on the 8th of April.I was so keen on going because…..now this is just between us but I am probably the most unhealthy person I know,so did I get the boost I needed? lets find out.

First things first WHAT I WORE:

I was going for a sporty yet fashionable look,but my closet showed me that apart from my growing trainers/sneaker collection I had almost zero sporty items.It is at times like this that one has to improvise and so I went with my suphirio t shirt,paired with my favourite mom jeans and an Adidas cap (courtesy of the thrift gods).

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Honestly who do I think I am,lol !
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Hair : Can you believe I did my own hair watch thee tutorial HERE
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Sneakers: Thrifted

To add a little edge to my look I went with fishnets which is a trend I am currently obsessed with, you guys should be on the look out for a look book :)(errrm did I just rhyme). For shoes I put on my red Adidas sneakers,was I team Adidas or nah ?Let me know what you think of my outfit in the comment section.

Mom jeans: Thrifted

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Oh yes back to the event………………

There were so many amazing people who had stalls filled with products centered around natural ingredients ranging from hair products to food.Here are a couple that I got to talk to:


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S.A.C.S specializes in natural hair products,conditioners,shampoo and moisturizers.Shea butter,coconut oil all that good stuff plus of course so much more blended into products perfect for your natural hair.

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What particularly caught my eye was the lay out of their stall it was very creative with the use of the wooden crates as shelves,the bowl of fruits however did make me hungry lol .No I am not about to leave out the sunflowers because they gave the stall such bohemian vibes.


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You should definitely give their products a try by visiting their website http://www.za-do.com


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Hair dye for Zambia specializes in hair dye imported from India,they have a wide range of colours even the ones which are really hard to find like grey,blue,pink you name it.The best part is it is perfect for natural hair.To purchase your hair dye call Natalie +2670975839637.


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I have no Idea what was so funny

Breast cancer is a topic that cannot be stressed enough every woman should get tested.The breast cancer awareness trust had some doctors on site who were giving women free breast cancer tests.If you have not been tested yet visit your local clinic and get tested.

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I could not hide my reaction to how real this artificial boob felt lol.



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These ladies had hand made jewelry made from geysers which is super creative,talk about recycling goals.According to one of the F.R.E.E ladies their jewelry is copper coated to represent one of the minerals that Zambia is famous for,copper.For more details on this movement watch my video interview with them which will be on my Facebook page.

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And then there was Lenga,a brand that specializes in hand made purses.What made these stand out was the bold and beautiful fabric that was used to make each purse making it very unique and a must have statement piece.


I am not even an earrings kind of girl but when I saw these earrings,I had to have them.If you feel the urge to have these as much as I did you can contact Chungu at +260968929146


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Tamara and I

This was another stall that I thought had a very creative layout with cute little items and thanks to Tamara I am taking my quirky behind to China town soon :).

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This is a purely organic skin and hair based company.Some of their products include mango oil,Shea moisture which happened to be one of my favourites because I was thinking about winter and how no one wants ashy skin.So yes people you need these products in your lives.To make your  purchase contact the lovely Tamara at +260962996006.

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What is a party without food :)?

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Istanbul is a Turkish restaurant that was selling strictly vegetarian meals centered around the Turkish culture.I would like to recommend their pumpkin pie which was extremely delicious,you can thank me later lol. I also got to interview one of the ladies from Istanbul who gave us more insight on what they do,so do not forget to visit my Facebook page to watch the interview.

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As usual I got to meet so many amazing people and of course is it really an event if I do not over do it with the pictures? if your answer was no, give yourself a high five ❤ .


All in all I learnt that I shan’t live on junk food alone,fine I knew that already but after this event I am really having less chicken :).I hope you enjoyed reading this post and a big shout out to Maricko for taking all my pictures on this day.


Ciao ❤



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  1. Awesome post! 🙌
    Love your outfit. Go thrifting with me maybe? You seem pretty great at it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marian says:

      thank you love <3,yes whenever you are in Lusaka its a date

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nancy says:

    For a moment I didn’t think you’re in Zambia.keep up the good art.You’re awesome like that. Talk about being quirky…mmmhh


    1. Marian says:

      hahaha I think fauxdale court deserves all the credit for that its such a great place.Thank you so much its always lovely to hear your thoughts


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