As a kid,ballerinas were these unreal species that came alive only in fairy tales and story books(yes I was a bookworm).Somehow in my juvenile head I was so convinced that they were a larger version of fairy’s and they just had to be cousins lol. To be young and innocent right?but of course I had to grow up and now I know better they are real.You don’t believe me? watch me prove you wrong…..

Paige Sparrow

Meet sixteen year old Paige sparrow she is a real life fairy’s cousin 🙂 who lives in Manchester,United kingdom.She agreed to sit down and let us in on what goes on in a ballerinas world .Spoiler alert!!!!…….expect some really cool pictures of her doing some ballerina ish .

1.How long have you been doing ballet?

I haven’t actually been doing ballet that long, I started when I was 13 but I didn’t actually start doing professional ballet until September last year so I was 15 so really not a year yet.

2.When you are not dancing, what would you rather be doing?

Preferably eating, like seriously it’s my 2nd best hobby in fact it’s my passion!! Another thing would be seeing my boyfriend because I believe even though you have to be fully committed to dance it is also good to have a time of rest and a social life. Also I like to just sit at home in front of the TV and just stretch because it preps me for the day ahead.

3.Are there any other dances that you are good at or enjoy?

I really love contemporary! It is a mix between modern and ballet I’d say and it’s very free, for example ballet is very technical and there is a set way to do it, whereas contemporary is about learning some choreography but then putting your own twist or your special thing into it so that’s why I like it as it gives you some individuality.


4.You are probably going to hate me for this, lol but If we scroll through you music playlist will we find anything more than classic music?

Yes you defiantly would, even though I’m a ballet dancer there is still room to listen to things that you wouldn’t listen to everyday as I think it’s good to have that change.

5.Do you intend on becoming a professional dancer?

Yes I do I hope to get into large companies which are bigger than the one I’m in already and then when I retire from dance I’d probably go into something still to do with dancing.

6.Ballet is definitely harder than it looks, what you think it takes to become a great dancer?

To become a great dancer is easy really:

  1. Passion
  2. Commitment

And when you get knocked down it’s important to get back up again

7.Do you have to be in the gym all week to stay in shape and are you on a strict diets right now?

Nope you don’t at all to be very honest I eat chips and chicken nuggets and pot noodles all the time but yes it would be a lot more effective if I ate healthy foods as I know I’d get better releasing energy for a long session and nope I never go to the gym as I dance a lot at very high intensities so my teachers always say that it is always important to have a rest day and then your muscles will properly replace for the day ahead.

8.What is your favourite thing about ballet?

My favourite thing is that when the music comes on you feel empowered and so in-control well I’m not really sure how to explain it but it’s just a really good feeling.

9.Can one only pick up ballet at a really young age?

Honestly if you just wanted to become a professional ballet dancer and nothing else and this would mean only being committed to ballet then I’d say that it’s a really good idea. Like imagine learning a language as soon as your able to talk, it’s so much easier as you wouldn’t know any different but then again you can still learn the language later on in life but it’s harder because there’s distractions and it’s takes a lot more work and commitment.

10.Who is your all-time favourite ballerina?

Definitely Darcey Bussel

Related image
Darcey Bussel

11.What do you think about ballet/dance movies are they an exaggeration or on point? And which is your favourite if any?

Honestly it differs as it always depends on the actor but I’d defiantly say black swan but all you kiddies out there don’t watch it it’s too inappropriate!!

12. How many pairs of ballet pumps have you owned since you started dancing? Have you kept count?

I own 4 pairs at the moment because they get worn really quick but honestly I don’t keep count because they come and go sooooo quick it’s unbelievable.

13.Have you ever injured yourself seriously while dancing?

Yes I have but it was my fault as I didn’t warm up as I walked in late to my class and had to jump into the end position of the splits and I tore my whole thigh muscle.

 make sure that you always get to class 15 minutes before your lesson begins, to warm up as in stretch and have a pulse raiser.

14.What was the first move you ever mastered and how long did it take?

The first move I learnt was a plié but that’s easy really but the first real move I learnt was a like turn on one leg it’s a weird one but it looks amazing when you master it *laughs*

Paige Sparrow

For more of Paige follow her on:

Instagram : @ _paige.sparrow

Facebook: @Paigesparrow

Snapchat: @psparrow16

I hope you guys enjoyed this post,Have some of your questions been answered?let me know in the comment section.

until next time

Ciao xoxo ❤

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  1. Lydia says:

    Very intresting post I actually read it😍😍😍😍😍

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    1. Marian says:

      thank you for being loyal to this post and finishing it lol, I appreciate you and I am so glad you enjoyed it ❤


  2. Awww ballerina ❤
    Cool post. Love it.


    1. Marian says:

      Thankyou ❤ so glad you loved it

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