It’s about that time in every students life where books kind of become their “best frenemy” and hibernation just seems like the only way of life.If you are thinking about exam time,then you are right!

Bag : Nine West



Yess guys school has officially been kicking this bloggers behind ,but despite all the stress that comes with exams it is always important to get away and just breathe,read a book,ride a bike,spend lots of hours on Pinterest,get blue faux locs lol and my personal favourite, long walks to the fridge :).


Sandals : The Fix
Denim Jumpsuit : Jet

You know what they say “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,”or was it John!?

This past weekend I decided to take a breather and did stuff I haven’t done in a while.For starters I was not in my pajamas all day.I got to do some long overdue window shopping and picked up a few items which you will get to see me styling soon :).


Plaid Shirt : Thrifted



My personal favorite was a visit to Spur where I had waffles after uhhm, forever!I must warn you though their amazing waffles will have you feeling the urge to go back for more,its basically a trap and I fell right into it!

Spur Waffles k19


Well guys its a wrap, this was basically was my weekend!What do you guys spend your weekends doing,could there be any waffles involved?

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Until next time…

Ciao! xoxo

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