Hey quirky humans,

I hope you are all having a great November so far!I know I have been a little bit MIA of late .So I thought the best way to catch up was for you guys to get to know what is going on with me and my latest obsessions ,believe it or not I have new ones everyday!This is a tag I came across while visiting one of my favorite blogs   sooo currently I am ;


Jeans :Mud
crop top: MRP
Nike Trainers :Thrifted


My new pair of black skinny jeans.Guys if you are as short as I am,which is 5’2 by the way, you know the struggle of finding jeans that you do not have to fold and that is not a sexy look  at allll!! So yes, I was happy dancing my way out of the mall lol!I paired them with a crop top(figure out the colour),a pair of Nike trainers  I thrifted a while ago and a black cap.I was going for a really casual look.





I have been stalking her blog,Instagram well basically her whole life lol!I love how quirky and effortless her style is.The fact that she rocks big hair so well makes me want to high five her.You guys know I am such a sucker for big hair!Check my previous posts and you will understand.

WISHING : It would rain already!It has been so hot for the past few months and it just won’t rain!


Image result for consistency

To be more consistent with my posts,my mini break away from you guys has left me with so many blog post ideas.The problem is getting those ideas out of my head and onto the blog lol !Well I am working on it.




Chocolate cake,cheese cake,red velvet cake okay now that I’ve written that down I see it too,I may have a cake problem ,but that’s not it.Ribs ohhh yess,lots of ribs and pizza.I am still waiting for a time when we can download food off the internet!

EXCITED TO : Almost be done with the school year,because duhhh who would not want a break from school!

FEELING : Exam Stress, my exams will be coming up in a few weeks that would explain my extreme cravings “I STRESS EAT,”if I go on with this I may fill up two pages so I am just going to move on.


Image result for weddings

A wedding I will be attending this weekend.I have only been to one wedding and I have really been looking forward to my 2nd!

HAPPY ABOUT : Interning for Kwitu Group.Apart from fashion I have always loved photography.The fact that I get to work with a photographer whose work I admire,that is enough icing on the cake for me.


All my readers you guys are amazing .I love reading all your comments you are smart,you are loyal,go buy your mama a house *DJ khaled voice* lol!!


The lack of good WiFi coverage at my college .The network has been terrible of late and do not even let me get started on how expensive bundles are,the student struggle is real.I think WiFi should be free because it is a necessity,I may just start a FREE WIFI  campaign,will you guys join me ?




I have been following her on Instagram for three years now.Watching her grow into the huge you-tuber she is now has been amazing!Her style and persona in front of the camera are so effortless,we are besties she just does not know it yet!

PLANNING TO : Start working out,which has been my plan for the past five months.The difference now is this time it is in writing,so maybe I might actually do it,fingers crossed


Image result for procrastination

My text books are like a psycho now because procrastination caught up with me and exams are really soon!


Image result for flat platform sandals


I have been eyeing these for the longest time.I WANT THEM!Let them be in all shapes and colours that they could possibly come in.A girl can dream right!

Listening To :

Jon Bellions CARRY YOUR THRONE,I have had his music on replay since my freind Mwiza introduced me to him,but this particular track is my favorite.

That is about it on what is going on with me.I bet you guys have so much more going on in your lives, so what are you currently up to ? Let me know in the comment section below.

Until Next Time,





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