Ankara,Ankara,Ankara it’s a timeless Fabric I am convinced that our children’s,children will still be rocking it.I will have to admit though it is one of the reasons why I love being African and trust me there is a huge list ,but that’s a story for another day.


This is a classic example of an accidental collaboration.The master mind behind most of my gorgeous pictures ,yes that guy!he finally got in front of the camera and yes,if you are wondering,I took his pictures anybody want to high five me?no?okay.



I am sure you have noticed that we had some sort of theme going with different DOSES OF ANKARA. Maricko clearly had a huuuuge dose of it with his Royal Chief shirt which he actually made in about an hour.Talk about record time!I think it turned out great especially since it was so abrupt.Did I mention that he is a fashion designer!check out his Facebook page maricko nation for more of his designs.



I on the other hand,had a very small dose with my double bow tie contrary to my usual extremist ways.Lets just say if this where an Ankara competition we all know who won it!




The black Slug,as he chooses to call himself,paired his Royal Chief shirt with some white jeans and brown boat shoes with a white sole he had splashes of brown everywhere!Like they say,”the devil is in the details”and his detachable collar is what,in my opinion really gave the look  an interesting twist.As though his shirt was not African enough,his brown beads necklace brought it all home and gave the look a more chilling-in-a-hut-at-a-traditional-ceremony-surrounded-by-echoes-of-drumming-kind-of-vibes(sooo I may have watched Shaka Zulu a little too many times.)

Ankara Shirt by Maricko Nations
white Jeans : Thrifted
Boat Shoes :Gift
Beads Necklace : Thrifted

The concept behind my double bow tie was the Mama bow tie(black&white)could not leave the baby bow tie(which looks nothing like the mama cause she takes after the papa,yes shes a girl!) behind so I merged them and they got to see the show together three cheers for me :).This was actually something Maricko and I made,here is a video of how we made it :


I paired my bow tie with a white shirt which I have styled in my  previous post and you can view HERE,same shirt different look!I chose to go with some black shorts over slacks because it has been extremely hot.The look was completed with  blue suspenders,pointed sandals and geek glasses.I think the whole look had trendy school girl vibes,what do you think?

Geek Glasses :Thrifted
Pointed Sandals : The Fix
Shorts : Primark
Suspenders :Gift



You can also wear the bow tie as a hair accessory








What do you guys think of our looks?I always love to hear from you :).Do not forget to check out Marickos version of our collaboration on his blog which is linked below along with all his social media.

Marickos blog :

Instagram : black_slug

Facebook : Maricko Nations




3 Comments Add yours

  1. blackslug says:

    Miss QuirkyIndeed you have such good energy , was A
    pleasure working in front of the camera with you. I for one am curious and excited what more grand stuff you have in store for the future.


    1. quirky indeed says:

      Thank you Mr black slug :),I do not know what the future holds but I am sure it will be super quirky lol you will obviously witness it all stay sluggy


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