Hey guys

I hope you are all doing great,apologies for having gone silent on you. Life got really busy but, the plus side of my absence is I got up to some really interesting stuff that I could not wait to share with you.Zambia Fashion Week is at the top of the list.It was three whole days of awesomeness and I am going to take you through each day by the end of the post you might as well have been on the VIP seats through out the whole thing!This year the show was sponsored by Vodafone-Jump show kicked off on Thursday evening.


Thursday.This was one of my favorite days because I got to take over Zambia Fashion Weeks social media with blogger  Jayne of .It was an exciting experience you can follow @theZambiafashionweek on Instagram,Twitter,Facebook&Snap chat for media from all three days recap.Day 1 showcased designers who are new to the fashion scene and lets just say the newbies really did work the runway!





Day 2

Sadly I was unable to make it for day two but,that did not stop me from following the whole show via social media.All thanks to who was taking over social media for the day.Among the designers who showcased  where Naomi Phiri ,Martha Kabaso ,Mweene Kalipinde,Karen Nakamba but, to mention a few.






Since I was so bummed about missing day 2,making it for Day 3 was not an option.Major recognition and awards were given to different disciplines such as fashion bloggers,make up artists,photographers,models and upcoming designers  on Saturday. South African designer Paledi showcased as this years guest designer with his amazing collection called “love death” his collection lived up to its name it was very dark,chique and mind blowing.

Paledi and Models
Collection by Paledi
Collection by Paledi
Collection by Paledi
Enter a caption
Collection by Paledi

Local designers who showcased that night also among my favorites include Kutowa by Towani,Nada and a bikini line by Alice Musukwa.

Kutowa by Towani
Kutowa by Towani


Kutowa by Towani


Collection by Nada


Collection by Nada
Collection by Nada

Collection by Alice Musukwa
Collection by Alice Musukwa

The beauty and smoothness brought to the stage by the models was nothing but ,flawless! They strutted their stuff effortlessly.The energy they carried the designs in was seamless. I found their catwalks well choreographed. Each wore the designs to its full potential, it is hard not to want the garments after seeing them look so gorgeous on the models.

Which one of the designs sparked your interest?Let me know in the comment section below.For more pictures and videos visit Vodafone-Jump and Zambia Fashion Week stay tuned for details on my outfit for the event.

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