I have to admit that my Instagram stalker tendencies led me to today’s spotlight feature.Hes gift literally blew me away and I was so excited when he agreed to do this interview with me.I was even more excited when he told me that he is Zambian #Represent although he is currently based in Pretoria,South Africa.Yes guys apart from fashion,art has a special place in this girls heart(thought you had me all figured out huh, huh,huh?). I would urge you to grab yourself a glass of juice,coffee or whatever you drink because this is such a good read!

Taffiny Kablay @thetribegoddes

In a nutshell who is Taonga Kalyepe?

TK is a creator. I’m a a person who enjoys taking a blank canvas and making something out of it, which is why I fell in love with Software Development and IT.

According my stalking results,yes I stalked you lol,most of your subjects are female is there a reason behind that?

Yes, my muses for the most part are female, it has come as a great point of interest towards most people who view my work. The reason for this is because, as a personal preference, I find females more “artistic” to draw if you will.
The ladies tend to have more emphasized features i.e thicker eyebrows and more vivid hair. They are easier to draw ;).


Shadi Katane

How do you pick your subjects?

My subjects are mostly picked randomly, and/or by process of elimination.
I have a number of muses who are always readily available to be drawn by me. Otherwise, I occasionally draw pictures I like as a result of my own stalking.

Do you collect anything?

Do I collect anything? Well, I don’t really collect anything. I don’t have that many personal belongings albeit I have a healthy collection of Xbox 360 games.
Amanda Du-Pont

Apart from art what do you enjoy doing?

As aforementioned, I’m kind of a avid-kind of a hardcore gamer.
I’m well on my way to being a competitive gamer.

Any other talents you may be keeping from us?

As for other talents, well I’m quite the techno-geek. As of this email, I’m currently teaching myself a bit of professional video composition and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.
(I know, that makes me sound like a nerd).
Pearl Thusi

What project are you working on now?

Right now, I’m not working on anything. I’m taking a break to focus on school.

What’s your favorite place to see art?

I like viewing online galleries, there a lot of good art out there, and they showcase and introduce me to a lot of new artists.

What under-appreciated artist, gallery, or work do you think people
should know about?

Andrew @Drutheartist and Kutlo @_KutloMabua are two great artists to check out.

Drawn by :@Dreweartist
Drawn by : @kutlomabua

Know any good jokes?

Jokes… eish.

What’s the last great book you read?

The last book I read and finished was “The Fault In Our Stars” by John Green. Now, I’m currently ready “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes.
And apparently the movie came out starring Emilia Clarke (Khaleesi baby!).If you have any good book suggestions, please do share.

What’s your art-world pet peeve?

I have a number of peeves concerning art, but the most prominent is that people who aren’t artists fail to realize the effort that artists go through to create their art. Its one thing being a critic, its another thing being an ignorant critic.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever saw happen in a museum or gallery? 

Honestly, nothing strange ever happens at exhibitions, or at least when I’m there. People tend to behave themselves when there’s art.

Siyamtamba Ndamase

Do you make a living off your art?

No, i don’t make a living off my work. Right now I’m not in a position to do so.

From your work, which piece would you say is your favorite?

I don’t have any favorite pieces. I actually dislike most of them. But if I were to choose, I guess it would be my drawing of Hadassah.

Hadassah @thisishadassah

You are stranded on an island and only have 3 items what would they be?

Stranded on an island, all I’d need is food, a tree-house, and Rihanna.

Have you ever showcased your work or do you intend to showcase it?

I have an impending showcase coming up later this year.

Do you think there is enough exposure and platforms for artists like yourself if not how would you like that to change?

I’m happy with the platforms for artists. There are plenty of galleries and online galleries for artists. Other than You Tube, Instagram and Twitter, there are a few art related Social Networks such as Talnts and DevianArt.
As a closing note, I’d recommend that you view @fr.vnc on Instagram. He inspires me to be a great artist.



You Tube : LonerTK

Instagram : LonerTK

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