As promised here is part two of the coke studio night.You seriously did not think I would go to an event that big and not give you details on all the fabulous people and outfits I saw? Definitely not in this life time!

If asked to describe all the looks I saw in two words, it would be chilled with really artsy vibes.I know what you are thinking that is not two words, well I would like to see you try!I choose to use artsy because just as you would associate a police man to his uniform,an artist or creative can be spotted from a mile away because of how they dress.Which is not in anyway rigid but, always tailored to ones personality.


The gorgeous Busiku had on an off the shoulder Ankara top. Which is one of my favorite current trends. She paired it with black slim fit jeans lightened up with brown strap block heels. Very simple look, perfected with her accessories which complimented it very well.It goes without saying that her hair is absolute life goals.

Macky 2

Artist Macky 2 had African vibes with his Ankara shirt .The gold chains gave it a hip hop twist, 2 chains would be so proud :).He finished off the look with black straight fit jeans and black trainers because duhh!! black never disappoints.


Within the crowd I was fortunate to get a close up of some beautiful ladies. With a white lace off shoulders top,navy blue jeans tied together with block high heels it came off smooth and sassy. The black jump suit was a statement show stopper. The daring low cut front V-neck line ,hint of bare back spelt out sexy. The gold chain on her waist gave just the right amount of colour to turn heads.She had the cutest heels too!


Chishimba(PR GIRL MEDIA)

Chishimba showed up in a black wide leg jumpsuit,flaunting her natural hair. The thick gold chain neck detail was a nice touch and lets not forget to acknowledge how red lipstick never fails to pop!

Bobby East

Artist Bobby East had a dressed down casual look,his black leather jacket and camouflage kicks on the other hand were screaming “I may be chilling,but i know you see me.”


Gillian Langmead (Langmead & Baker Communications)

Gillian  did not hold back on the red,it was a coca cola event after all.Her red cocktail sleeveless dress complimented her slender figure . We could learn a thing or two from her:)

Salma Sky with Husband Tivo

Salma Sky & Tivo were casually dressed that evening as the power couple that they are. T bone dazzled in all white with nice touch of jewelry.A gold watch paired with a gold chain can never go wrong! Salma was nice enough to have a chat with me giving details of her look. Yes she is as Gorgeous as she looks on Television 🙂  Here is the video of our mini interview.


Left:Takunda Jinda     Right:Cleo Ice Queen

To cap the night on a high note ,exclusive interviews were the right cherry topping.The marketing manager for Coca Cola (Zambia,Zimbabwe&Malawi)Takunda Jinda gave us details on his really dope outfit . Cleo the Ice Queen who needs no introduction ,because we probably see her on our television screens everyday plus stalk her social media,am I alone on that one? Meeting her in person was just……guys I was not ready! Soooo I am just going to stop typing now and let you watch the videos interview on their fashion taste for the event!

Which one of the looks was your favorite,comment below also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see what I get up to away from here.

I would like to thank Langmead & Baker and Coca Cola for making this night possible.

Interview Videos :Langmead & Baker

Make up : Flonominal

Until next time



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