Hey world,

This past Saturday I got to attend my very first bloggers event.Can we just take a moment to do a happy dance because this is a happy dance worthy moment :),you can twerk if you want too you will not be tuned out ;).


Organisers : Kii&Kahyi/


The event is an annual Zambian bloggers meetup called Fashion For Brunch,you must be thinking Brunch, what?Yes it was an actual brunch,yes there was free food,yes it was amaze-balls and no I did not save you any! It is organised by the Mafashio sisters who I am such a huge fan of and this year it was sponsored by jump-Vodafone,Woolworth and protea hotels.In attendance where eighteen awesome bloggers  along with Liswaniso from Zambian Fashion Week and Mutale and Mwiza from Jump-Vodafone.


Annie/ ,Jayne/,Taonga/,Liswaniso of Zambia fashion week
Mwiza & Mutale

To start off the event we had to answer some questions which I found really mind provoking. Especially since it was so abrupt , this is how I answered them :

1.If you could describe your style using a song,which one would it be and why?

Sorry by Beyonce, because my style is unapologetic!

2.Would you rather visit the world 100 years into the past or into the future?

100 years into the past ,duhh!

3.If you could be a Olympic athlete which sport would you choose?

Tennis ,I would probably be bad ass at it plus totally get to meet Serena Williams 🙂

4. If you were running for office what would your campaign slogan be?

A more Fashionable Zambia lol! We would be that party that hands out stylish clothing to everybody.You get one ,you get one, everybody gets one *Hi Oprah :)*

5.If you could spend all your money in one store which one would it be


6.Which letter of the alphabet describes you best?

Q because I am Quirky……

How would you guys have answered these questions please comment below,its only fair cause I shared mine 🙂



The atmosphere was filled with so much creativity and the slayage was soooo real. have you seen some of this outfits?! (stops to applaud).



Milez/ and Niza/
Niza and Yuma /
Banji and her bread lol/
Namucana/ and Tapiwa/


I managed to sneak a selfie with Kabelenga of Kwitu photography,he is responsible for these fabulous pictures of the event.

I met so many amazing people who you guys will hopefully get to see on Quirky indeed real soon.










3 Comments Add yours

  1. bryanmanda says:

    COOL!!!!! Mafashio are just amazing!


    1. quirky indeed says:

      Right? Such an inspirational pair 😊


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