If you wondering yes that is how far my Spanish vocabulary goes and  yes I would really like to learn more so if you happen to speak Spanish  comment below or message  me on Instagram  and help me widen my Spanish horizons please and  thank you in advance.

Okay back to business on Tuesday I got a smash from the past,I time traveled well not literally but with each piece of my outfit I moved to a different era.Firstly my Afro yaaaas! your girl got new a hair do details shall be linked below you know i gots you, so my hair was clearly giving off 70’s vibes.photostudio_1473946859019img_0709

I got these dress slacks a few months ago but, had no vintage shirt to pair them with. After hunting for one for such a long time I finally found one,the excitement was real!




In the spirit of time travel colourful socks where a must have, sadly I could not find a pair of crazy socks. Instead the thrift gods decided to reward me with bumble bee tights,for being good. If you have seen the movie Me Before You ,I bet you can imagine how I dived onto the racks just to make them mine (ninja thrift mode).




This outfit made me feel like  I was born in the wrong Era.It was just really fun to style so many patterns,prints and colors without holding back.As I made my way to the photo locations I got so many stares and just felt the urge to stare back and scream the 70’s,80’s and 90’s are back baby!!!


Your girl was clearly feeling herself and went overboard with the pictures ,sorry I am not sorry !To see the rest of the pictures follow my Instagram and Facebook pages.I promise i’m not boring when I’m not sleeping.


A big thank you to Maricko , for taking time to be my photographer isn’t he amazing ?


Hair : Breeze hair salon (crochet braids,2 packs of Cuban twist hair used,color #33)

Vintage Shirt : Thrifted (2 kwacha)

Dress slacks :Thrifted (1 Kwacha)

Bumble bee tights :Thrifted (5 Kwacha)

Loafers : fashion express

Gold chain : H&M 

What do you guys think of this look, leave comment below 🙂

Adios !!! ( surprise,surprise more Spanish)



6 Comments Add yours

  1. mpolilove says:

    Woww..absolutely loving the outfit Marian 😊 Stunned that the outfit was sooo affordable too.. Awesome work 😊


    1. quirky indeed says:

      Thank you Mpoli 🙂 Thrifting is always super affordable it always amazes me

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stephylately says:

    Very quirky style and you pull it off well.x


    1. quirky indeed says:

      omg I love your style and blog this so unreal,thankyou 🙂


  3. Love love love it, l gotta have this look in my kloset – inspired by MarianChileshe❤️️


    1. quirky indeed says:

      Thank you babe ❤ I shall post it to you 🙂


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