Cece Ndungu

Meet Cece Ndungu, an aspiring designer based in Manchester,England she is the creative being behind wardrobe vibes.A page I stumbled upon a month ago dedicated to revamping old clothes .When asked about how wardrobe vibes came about here is what she had to say

“I usually have a hard time shopping i feel i can’t find exactly what i am looking for,  so instead I buy something similar to what i want and revamp it.I also wanted to inspire peoples creativity by encouraging them not to throw their old clothes away but instead recycle them.” 


As they say actions speak louder than words, Cece decided to do this by making inexpensive, quick and easy DIY clothing videos!The page has caught the attention  of a lot of people, including myself ,despite it’s recent entry into the spotlight.Sadly I am unable to upload videos to my blog because of my plan, but visit her page wardrobe vibes for all her videos.


Not only does she recycle clothes but she also makes her own outfits.This was one of our favorite pieces,a lace dress made from a table cloth yes you read right a table cloth! I have never seen a table cloth look this good,well except when it has food on it.



She went on to say,”In the long run, my future goal is to become a designer, therefore,  i am using wardrobe vibes as a platform to get there. Wardrobes vibes has no limits in style, but implements styles of every culture.”

With that being said she gave us a snippet of her new Ankara collection which is perfect timing considering spring just got here.


For all your revamping outfit inspiration follow her on:

Instagram : wardrobe vibes

What are some of your favorite revamp blogs or pages that you would like me to check out comment below.

Do you have a passion or talent that you would like to share with the world? email me at to get a feature.

In the meantime follow me on Instagram and let us be bestys @thenames_mar .

Ciao  xx


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