An interview with A.Monaie Designs


Someone once told me in order to grow one must target people who are at a much higher level than you are,people who have experience and have mastered whatever it is they do and then learn as much as you can from them.Today we are going to do just that as we get a chance to get into the head of an entrepreneur and find out,the challenges of owning a business,what to do about the fear of failure and…….. wait I’m not giving everything away join my chat with the Beautiful Amira Battle founder of A.monaie designs who started off her business by being creative with clay.




1. Tell us a bit about A. Monaie designs

A. Monaie Designs is a handmade accessory company specializing in custom jewelry and statement accessories. A. Monaie Designs was born in 2013 and has been growing ever since. I am currently working on our new collection so keep an eye out for that!

2.How did it all start?

In the summer of 2013, I found that I needed something that I could pour my creativity into. I was toying with the idea of creating t-shirts but then I became enamoured with button earrings. The button earrings…didn’t come out so great but over time I was able to develop my medium and style. It was my family and friends who encouraged me to turn my creations into a business.

3.Most people are afraid of starting a business because they are afraid to fail,what advice would you give them.

The world needs your business. You need your business. Failure gives you an opportunity to apply what you have learned and experienced. You fell plenty of times before you were able to walk, business is the same.

4.Do you believe that there is a recipe for success in a business and if so what is yours?

No, I don’t have recipe for success but I think the fundamentals of business are important! Having a vision and knowing where and what you want to be will help you find your path and identify customers that share your values.

5.What doors has A. Monaie opened for you?

AMD has given me opportunities to travel around the UK and meet people from all over the world. I met a really good friend of mine at an event I did in Scotland and I was able to meet the CEO of Nubian Skin in London. It is a lot of fun to be able to connect with new people!

6. You recently completed your degree congratulations by the way,how were u able to juggle university and AMD?

Thank you! And by God’s grace! There have even many times where I needed to study for an exam and prepare for an event the following day. Honestly without Him, I don’t think I would have been able to manage it all. Time management and prioritising are also key.

7.What would you say is unique about A, Monaie designs?

Monaie Designs represents a path less taken, it is about taking chances, and growing in wisdom and in faith. It’s about creating your own story. Our values make our designs really unique, as things change and people grow, the designs do as well.


8.According to you are entrepreneurs born or made?

This is a hard question! There is a lot of opinions on if they are born or made or what traits the most successful entrepreneurs have. It’s all about knowing yourself and knowing what you want. If you want to be an entrepreneur but lack business skills, they can be learned or they can be hired. I think there is too much emphasis on being the perfect entrepreneur or having x,y,z personality. It’s hard work and everyone’s learning curve is different.

Only experience can refine, or make, an entrepreneur. I’m saying all this to say that you don’t have to been selling lemonade when you were 4 to be a great entrepreneur now. Enter into with conviction and a clear mind and believe that you are an entrepreneur.

9.What part has social media played in the success of business?

Social media has played a huge role in raising awareness for my brand. It has allowed me to connect with people all of the world which has allowed me to build a community.

10.We both know we cannot control time but if you could and you were able to go back in time to when your business began what would you do differently?

I would not have launched so soon. I would have done more research into the target market and put more thought into my plans for the future. That being said, if I hadn’t done my business the way I have, I wouldn’t be where I am now. So I am grateful for every experience that has brought me to this point.


11.A lot of people are paranoid about online shopping especially if the purchase is being made from a different continent how does A. Monaie ensure every customer gets their purchase and each piece fits just right?

I know shopping online is scary! That is why we offer tracking for shipping and alert customers every step of the way of what is going on. We let you know when your order is being created, when it has been shipped, and when you may expect it!

We ensure each piece fits perfectly by getting your measurements for bracelets to ensure that it fits how you like it against your wrist. We also provide measurements and photographs to help you visualize how the piece would look on you.

12.what philosophy/favorite quote would you say you live by if any?

I don’t have a specific quote but I aim to live fearlessly. Instead of thinking of what people will say or think of me, I do what I need to do with wisdom and discernment.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview,I enjoyed it and I’m sure my readers will too expect a lot of purchases from the quirky readers and I lol

Thanks so much for this interview. I absolutely loved your questions!



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