Social media is a stalkers dream come true,Since pictures and information became more accessible stalking got so easy I am sure we can all say a big yes to that.At some point in our lives we have stumbled upon someones page and a few hours later found ourselves on their sisters cousins roommates page and at this point you are in too deep to stop.Why do I know a little too much about this?lets just say I am low key a stalker sue me.


Stalking does have its perks like stumbling upon beauty’s like Olaj Arel who happens to be my biggest style crush at the moment she is a Portuguese youtyuber who has clearly turned her style into her brand.Not only is her choice of clothing awesomazing(yes I just made up a word)Do you ever get moments where actual words that exist just don’t describe what you have to say and you take matters in your own hands?then you can relate to this.Oh yes where was I? her hair (stops typing and claps),talk about being a risk taker but the best part is she owns every look as if she stepped out of her mothers womb with it (yes people that is really what was going through my head as I looked at her pictures).


From me to you here’s some style inspiration,happy stalking šŸ™‚





Photos : Instagram (@olaj_arel)

you tube : Olaj Arel

Until next time

Ciao xxx


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