Hey loves so this weeks post features an outfit made up of two shades of green and yes if you guessed it the name is inspired by 50 shades of grey 🙂 get it?Its a two piece made up of a sleeveless turtle neck and a skater skirt.Although the colors almost look like the same shade the skater skirt is forest green while the turtle neck is actually bottle green(yes even I didn’t know that was a color until i did my research on the different shades of green I even found some as weird as land rover lol yes that’s the actual name for it).IMG-20160525-WA0045





Oh yes back to the outfit so here is the story of how I got the turtle neck,it was a random shopping trip to fashion express and they were having a sale and who doesn’t love sales,I think they are the fashion gods gift to us.I spotted this baby and instantly wanted to pair it with this skirt talk about outfit visions,so I did and paired them off with a pair of white sandals which by the way are super comfy I might just live in them and a little black bag I think it gives a toned down schoolgirl look as it gives off youngish vibes.The look is made for a trip to the mall with the girls,a picnic date or even a lunch date with that guy you have been crushing on if paired with heels and honestly wherever you want to wear it “fashion rules were made to be broken,”have fun with it.I would like to know what colors you like to pair comment below and lets talk colors.






skirt: Primark

sandals: Fashion express

Belt: Thrifted

Bag: Mr price

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  1. Clement says:

    WOW 😊 I like this, definitely looking forward to more


  2. Clement says:

    Wow😊 I like this,definitely looking forward to more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. quirky indeed says:

      Thank you so much there is definitely more to come,do not forget to subscribe so you never miss a post


  3. chocolateandconfident says:

    Hey Marian, I am a Zambian blogger too but I am based in Botswana. If you would love to collaborate on a post anytime, please let me know. My contact details are in the about section of my blog😃


    1. quirky indeed says:

      Hi Nalupya so 🙂 it’s such a coincidence that I am Zambian and based in Botswana It would be an honor to collaborate with you 🙂 I will get in touch with you

      Liked by 1 person

  4. seth says:

    I didnt know green was such a beautiful color.I love the combination.


    1. quirky indeed says:

      Thank you it is nice to know I recruited someone on this green appreciation journey of mine lol,thank you for visiting my blog


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