sandal heels-Primark|denim jumpsuit-Jet| crop top- mr price|choker-Just~unanimous

Denim jumpsuits also known as dungarees or overalls,they go back all the way from the 17th century when they were used as clothing for workers and slaves.From then on they have evolved from century to century and are worn as an everyday outfit,talk about die hard they seem to not want to make an exit from the fashion scene and who could blame them they are super comfy and depending on what you style them with they can be worn to various occasions.I do not know about you but I am definitely keeping mine who knows they might still be a thing when we are all super old.who said grandmas can not have swag lol.13091823_1053323918062104_16477340_o13054873_1053324024728760_871453148_o

I have been searching for the perfect pair of dungarees for a while now because they are usually too long for my legs I am sure all my fellow short girls can relate.when I found these I just had to have them(notice how i still have to fold the legs a little,short girl problems lol).I paired them up with a simple crop top from Mr price, my favorite sandal heels and a choker.The suit was made for lunch with the girls or a day out with bae. Its definitely something I will be whipping out of my wardrobe a lot.


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